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Top 5 Tech Podcast

Reid Hoffman

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How it works



1 hour of recording
a week
turns into...



A podcast featured on
top streaming platforms.



Repurposed into:
2 YouTube videos,

60 shorts for
Instagram & TikTok

plus 2 SEO-enhanced

A Holistic Content Approach

Elevate thought leadership by turning 4 conversations a month into 60+ pieces of content posted across all social channels with minimal time investment.

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Darknet Diaries

Reid Hoffman

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"I'm constantly impressed by how good they are! Nice work."

5.2M views in 4 months - download case study

"Nice work!!"



Ideal for established podcasts that are already produced

  • 30 shorts/month
  • Posted on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook & TikTok
  • Repurposed content
  • Custom scripted content
  • Custom animations
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • 24x 7 Slack Support
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Ideal for podcasts seeking a complete solution

  • Podcast production
  • Podcast promotion via theme pages, slack, reddit & newsletters
  • 4 Long-form clips for YouTube/month
  • 30-60 shorts/month
  • Custom animations
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • 24x 7 Slack Support
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Your questions, answered

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Who is this for?

Our offers are tailored for podcast hosts, tech companies, and venture capital firms looking to establish themselves as thought leaders in the industry.

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Why podcasts?

Podcasts allow for deep, meaningful conversations that can be repurposed across various platforms. They're an excellent medium for showcasing expertise and connecting with an audience in a less crowded space.

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Who will be the host of the podcast? (for the launchpad offer)

The choice is yours! You can select someone from within your team who has domain expertise and is comfortable in a speaking role. Alternatively, we can bring on external staff who are experienced in hosting and can guide the conversation effectively. Our goal is to ensure the host aligns well with your brand and the message you want to convey.

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How will the podcast be promoted?

We utilize a combination of organic and paid promotional strategies. On the organic front, we leverage the power of shorts, tailored for platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. We also build theme pages in your niche and post announcements in Slack and Reddit groups to promote the podcast episodes. For paid promotions, we deploy targeted ad campaigns across social media platforms and collaborate with relevant newsletters.